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Christmas decorations – should I put them up if I am selling my house?

Christmas decorations – should I put them up if I am selling my house?

NEWS Kevin Parson 8th December 2017

Are you thinking of selling your house over Christmas?  Will your property be on the market at Christmas?  Should I put Christmas decorations up if my house is for sale?  What Christmas decorations should I use if my property is on the market?

If your house is up for sale over the Christmas season, you may be wondering whether to put up your Christmas decorations.  There is a fine line between ‘tasteful’ decorations and going overboard, and it’s important not to over-do it and scare your viewers away.

Here are out top tips for a tasteful Christmas…


A fabulous tree

·       It’s important that you choose a tree that is the right size for your living room or hall.  If the tree is too big, your room will seem much smaller – it’s probably best to choose a tree that is on the smaller side (which will give the impression that your room is bigger).  If the tree takes over, your viewers will be too busy looking at that and not concentrating on your room.


·       If you like to have a real tree, make sure you hoover up all the loose needles before every viewing – otherwise they get stuck in the carpet and look messy.


·       Minimise the amount of baubles and tinsel you use.  We understand how exciting Christmas is, particularly if you have children, but it’s always best to stick to a specific colour scheme with the tree decorations, and don’t over-do it.  Some attractive colour schemes are gold/green, gold/red, silver/green, silver/blue – choose colours that accentuate your décor.


The front door

·       Christmas wreaths look fabulous on a well-cared for front door – especially a fresh wreath, for example, holly. 


·       Try not to cover the doorbell or door-knocker, or your visitors and viewers may not find it!  Also, polish any brass or steel door furniture so your front door looks amazing.


Exterior lighting for gardens and forecourts


·       Exterior lighting can look really effective as long as you try to keep it tasteful and avoid flashing lights.  If you’re lucky enough to have a good shrub or tree at the front of your house, they look great decorated in white fairy lights. 


·       A front door light, or ‘porch light’ looks welcoming for any visitors after dark, and also avoids any safety issues with anyone trying to locate your front door in the dark.


·       We recommend that you stay well away from any flashing reindeer or singing snowmen in your garden! – although they are fun, they can also look a bit tacky and may put your viewers off.


Dress your dining room

·       Even if it’s early December, why not dress your dining room for Christmas – in other words, set the table; use placemats, candles, your best cutlery, wine glasses, Christmas crackers and so on – your viewers will be able to imagine their own Christmases in your home.


·       Scented candles are a must at this time of year, especially seasonal ones such as mulled wine or pine.  They create a homely feel and appeal to your viewer’s senses.



·       Talking of mulled wine, another great tip is to heat up some real mulled wine on the stove before viewers arrive.  There is nothing better than warm mulled wine on a winter evening.  Offer them a glass with a warm mince pie and they will have more time to bond with your house.


Fires, heating and lighting

·       We recommend that you avoid using overhead lights as they can appear stark and clinical rather than warm and cosy.  Stick to using low level lamps and downlighters for a cosier atmosphere.


·       If you have a real fire, light it before every viewing; everyone loves an open fire or a wood-burning stove, and what could be better than seeing those flames dancing around and imagining relaxing on the sofa?  If you don’t have a fire, turn the heating on before each viewing so your house is welcoming and toasty.


We hope these tips help you to maximise your home’s appeal over Christmas.

Will your property be on the market over Christmas?  Have you ever sold a property over the Christmas period?  What was the outcome? Do you have any tips of your own you would like to share with us?  Can we help you with any further advice?

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