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Do I need anything before I sell my house?

Do I need anything before I sell my house?

NEWS Kevin Parson 7th June 2017

Are you contemplating selling your home?  Are you wondering whether you need to do anything before you put your house on the market?  Are you a first time seller?


You may have some questions going round in your head if you are thinking about selling your home.  Selling a house is just like selling anything else of value, the more information you can have at your fingertips, the better.  This puts you and your agent in a much better position to answer any questions your potential buyers may ask.  The more planning and groundwork you can do in this early stage, the smoother your sale will be. 

Once you have decided to go ahead and sell your property, there are certain things that your estate agent will be able to arrange for you, to set the ball rolling:-

Photographs are undoubtedly the most important part of your marketing package and it is imperative that they are nothing less than fabulous.  Any good estate agent will be able to give you some advice on what you can do before the photographer visits, to help make sure those photos ‘shine’.


Floorplans are a vital marketing tool and definitely worth having on your brochure. Again, your estate agent can arrange this for you.  They will also upload the floorplan onto all the websites so that it is visible to everyone.


An EPC, or Energy Performance Certificate.  This is now a legal requirement and ‘in a nutshell’ provides information about how ‘energy efficient’ your property is; it then goes on to suggest ways that it can be made more efficient, for example, by insulating the cavity walls or loft space.  Your EPC is uploaded onto your estate agent’s website and  any other national or international website they use to advertise, for example, Rightmove or Zoopla.  Your property may already have a current EPC, but if not, your agent can arrange this for you.



When selling your home, there are also some other documents that you may want to ‘fish out’ now, rather than wait till they are required.  The more prepared you can be, the smoother your sale will flow.


·       Proof of ID and residency   -  This is also a legal requirement and will be needed by your solicitor and possibly your agent.  Dig it out now to save you time in the future.  A passport or driving licence is probably the easiest option, and your local council tax bill or bank statement will be fine for residency.


·       Leasehold terms  -  You will need to know the length left on the lease, the ground rent and also the terms for the end of the lease…  is it then available to purchase as freehold? or does the lease need to be extended?  An important point and one which your buyer will need to know.


·       Service charges and ground rent   -  this applies only to clients who live in apartments or flats and will be required to help any potential buyers to plan for any other charges they need to pay.  An informed buyer is a secure buyer.


·       A recent Council Tax bill  -  your potential buyers may want to see this to give them an idea of the running costs of your house.  It saves them having to chase up this information with the local council.


·       Buildings / contents insurance  -  some people may already have an idea of the potential insurance costs of your home as they may have done their homework, but if your house is quite a unique building, or not the average ‘semi’ or ‘terraced’ home, it’s worth finding your latest insurance certificate and prices.


·       Building regs / planning certificates  -  if there have been any extensions or alterations  made to your home in recent times, you must provide evidence that they were done with the necessary legal approval.



Hopefully this list will help you to be ‘one step ahead’ during the marketing and sale of your property.

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