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How People in Diss & Harleston Can Give a Gift to Future Generations This Christmas

How People in Diss & Harleston Can Give a Gift to Future Generations This Christmas

NEWS Kevin Parson 4th December 2020

Who says you can’t have a great time this Christmas and do your bit for Planet Earth? In this two- minute read, we look at some simple things people in Diss & Harleston can do to make the festive period as eco- friendly as possible.

There’s been some positive vaccine news starting to come out in the UK and across the world.
But the news around our planet's health isn’t as rosy. On Wednesday (2 December), United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres urged nations to make radical changes before it’s too late.
It’s obvious now that climate change needs tackling with as much energy and vigour as finding a vaccine for Covid-19 was.
The good news is we can all play a positive part, even at Christmas.
Here are six wonderful ways to keep it green this festive period.
1) Get Real – You would have to use your artificial Christmas tree for more than 20 years for it to be greener than one real tree.
2) It’s a Wrap – Use recycled paper or fabric to wrap up those pressies.
3) Plastic Not So Fantastic – Choose gifts that are certified plastic-free. Look out for trusted labels like Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and check out The Plastic Free Shop online.
4) Glittered Up Decorations – Use plant-based glitter, which is much kinder to the environment.
5) Lasting Memories – Instead of a jumper that never gets worn, why not give a loved one an experience-based gift. Just Google ;experience gifts and you’ll be spoilt for choice.
6) Waste Not Want Not – We all know Christmas is a time when we relax and eat a little more than we should. But it pays to be mindful of the amount of food waste that happens over the holiday period. Plan ahead to reduce the waste and all its negative environmental impacts.
Doing any of the above won’t reduce your happiness this Christmas. Look at it this way, by going greener, you’re giving a priceless gift to future generations.
At Parson Estate Agents, we’re about much more than just property. We love to do all we can for our clients, our community, and our climate.
What’s your best environmentally-friendly Christmas tip you’d like to share with your neighbours in Diss & Harleston?
Thanks for reading.

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