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How saleable is your home? Take our saleability quiz and find out!

How saleable is your home? Take our saleability quiz and find out!

NEWS Kevin Parson 6th September 2022

There’s a sense of security that comes with knowing how saleable your home is – whether you plan on jetting off and buying in Marbella or you just fancy a change, getting your home on the market and sold can prove quite the challenge.


And with the recent dip in the average price of UK property of 1.3% as of August 2022, as reported by Rightmove, you may be wondering just how much you could get for your home.


But first, let’s address the elephant in the room: house prices.


Current house prices are in line with summer price trends over the last decade – the recent dip in value is completely normal, and there is absolutely no need to worry.

Besides, the rest of the year looks promising – as we all settle back down and pack up the deck chairs and garden furniture, house prices are expected to rise again before the end of the year.


But with that out of the way, the remainder of this article will discuss more on saleability – specifically, key things you should look out for, alongside our saleability quiz to help you determine just how saleable your home is. Exciting, right?